G&T task: Dairy of a revolutionary

Note: I’m not some sort of subhuman degenerate who goes around sending praise to Che Guevara and wears that horrid shirt (Okay the shirt looks pretty cool) around my university. But this could just be my pseudospeciation playing up again. But anyway the revolution brought much good and much evil, here’s Che Guevara’s diary entry after the Cuban revolutionaries march on Havana in 1959 and the then President Batista leaves the country. Oh, and It’s in English because Spanish is lame.

Diary entry: Jan 1, 1959

It’s been a long time since we left Argentina on the “Gramma”, and as I sit here overlooking the liberated capital with people up in arms singing in crowds to our glourious revolutions and in the streets shouting in mountainous support. The government tried to eradicate us, the imperialists tried to starve us, the people tried to flee us. But finally, we have won!

However, this did not come without some sacrifice, of course I think back about the revolution and the goals it set with it and how we achieved this. Batista was simply a puppet of American imperialists. And our forefathers that set out the Cuban Manifesto laid it out for the workers. Batista was just another enemy of the manifesto. The works of Marx and other revolutionaries such as Lenin and Trotsky will guide our revolution to the victory. For the people cannot think for themselves until they are liberated.

Batista’s regime has made it harder to enact any sort of protectionist policy at all, giving the imperialists all the power to the means of producing Cuban goods. This isn’t the first time that I have seen the imperialists rear its ugly head in the face of the Leftist worker’s world that is Sud America. When the United States of Central America split and the forces of the individual cultures took reign in their areas the majority leftists in Guatemala implemented a leftist government to uphold their ideals. The CIA saw the people implementing what they want a terrible thing and had them overthrown. This created fire in my heart which never died and to this day never weakened.

In the mountains those many years ago we had a sizeable force. And I used them to attack in guerrilla formations, guerrilla tactics have always been a tactic of the strong. Marching in formations and all that nonsense did no good when it came to actual combat., I remember the feeling that I got when I first killed a man. My eyes widened, and my nostrils flared, my head spun and most importantly. I felt seldom remorse at all. I scarcely had to justify it.

The extensions of the “murders” were extended to peoples who supported the Imperialist Batista, I also had no remorse for them. They were an enemy of the revolution and had to be stopped. I would not reverse a single murder if I could. Nor did I care when I led families into the firing squad for opposing the revolution be that, degenerates under the banner of Batista or those opposing us… I simply didn’t care. Well that isn’t exactly true, it’s just every time I dictated it was for the advancement of the people, the people cannot be liberated if we allow the blind to lead and tell them their opinion, and a revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate, to further the plight of those I constantly, tirelessly and aggressively sought out to free. Revolutions need to be grown through the ruthless aggression of the strong to stop those who wish profit off the sweat of the worker without supplying them with the means to which they create.

However, now the garrulous speaker and charismatic Fidel has put me in charge of prisons and guaranteed me a spot at the national bank. The revolution is over, for now. But I cannot see myself sitting here while workers of the world are exploited by the aristocracy who grow wealthier off nothing but the sweat on other people’s brow. However, before that, the Cubans need the guidance of a nation also run by the workers. The United Soviet Socialist Republics should happily trade with us. We will show those coward dogs of the Imperial U.S that we are a force that cannot be stopped. But our revolution will create a global tide of support. And for the nation state to uphold the views of the worker.

I have a vision, where the collective society is submissive to the government and the government is compassionate to the worker. The worker works not for profit or personal gain but for the good of the community. That is why I work the sugarcanes and sleep in the office. I feel if everyone was like me, the world would be a much better, compassionate and plentiful place for the worker and the workers of the world. And I will achieve this through any means necessary. I seldom care if people die under my watch because I know that a few lives is nothing in comparison to the awe-inspiring and glorious future that we have planned out.

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