Justice prompt

Prompt (‘Justice does not always come to those who deserve it.’)
Throughout history Humans have incorporated systems of hegemonic standings and exploits of the individual to establish the broader society we have today. It is Human incompetency that creates injustice or the lack of justice. Democracy as it stands today as a concept encourages inefficiency and wastefulness that leads to apathy and disregard to the system of the contract of civilization many individuals will exploit the inefficient system and this is present throughout all media and real-life. No justice for those who fell victim of the sub-prime mortgage loan crisis never came because of the system in place was based on techno-dabble of structures which ignored faith-based economics and the morality of economics, this is based on the exploitation of general inefficiency of democratic-market structure. The second instance of injustice is within the fictitious world of Fallout: New Vegas, which shows us the Human mentality of ideological freedom and self-preservation over the establishment of proper rule of law. My last point is a point of anecdotal evidence of my own experiences of injustice.

The prior and foregoing economic past has been filled with great sufficiency of accomplishments and furthermore great feats of mankind and production”, I believe that an individual can deny that, of course with every idea we have a fringe segment of the population will disagree about any given topic, “Grass is Green”. “Nah, mate. You lyin’”. However to disregard that segment of the populace, the people who legitimately disagree, they definitely make a many of good points, perhaps, such as the GFC which saw a new surge of Socialism in America, and the transition of the economy of the Cold War, to a new Globalist economy, however I would disagree. Of course I vehemently disagree with the GFC and what lead to it and the exploitation in the third world but the modern form of our economy has brought socialism, worker’s right, consumerism that has brought many out of poverty, and many into it, it has lead us to new feats of production. And while most of the economic global happenings of the world has been negative, however the statement I said was true “The prior and foregoing economic past has been filled with great sufficiency of accomplishments and furthermore great feats of mankind and production”
The GFC has and will continue changing the way that domestic businesses practice. The Global Financial Crisis was a global recession affecting near all nations except for China, and this immunity from the G.F.C built the idea of Chinese superiority over the U.S in the coming years. Some effects of the Global Financial crisis was that the housing market crashed, the stock market froze and superpowers such as the U.S, Russia, Germany, France and the U.K entered recession and the mass unemployment and homelessness of the first world, recession is a term used for when two consecutive quarters of a country’s gross domestic product (the GDP) are in negative growth, which leads to another byproduct of a recession which is the industrial and infrastructure market just stops, which leads to mass unemployment. This was more prevalent however in the recession of the 1930s named depressingly “The great Depression”. And because the economy and the labour infrastructure industry of America was failing that led to mass unemployment of labourers. Labour made up most of the employment segment because well it was the 1930s, it lead to mass unemployment, however in 2008 the market had changed and labor wasn’t as big a market as it was in the 1930s, and because of more globalised trade the 2008 recession didn’t hit as hard as that of the 1930s. The Global Recession was a product of really the banks, the government and to a lesser extent people buying houses. The GFC was caused mostly by banks handing out “Subprime mortgages”. Mortgages were a big market for investment, and banks would hand out mortgages to people with a job and a good credit rating because they are less likely to default on their Mortgage (I know that you most likely know this however I would feel odd to not explain this term A Mortgage is basically a loan that an individual takes out to pay for a house, but they pay the bank back the money with interest) , if an entity were to default the bank would take control of the property, because they were the ones who gave the mortgage out. The banks would sell off mortgages to companies and investment firms, however after the banks started to use business tactics to make more income and to gain more commodities they started to give out mortgages at a subprime level, that means they were giving out loans to people with lower credit and an unstable to no job. Meaning that it was more likely for individuals to default on their mortgage, this can be attributed to a many of factors besides the Bank’s own selfishness. However, notably the federal reserve’s low-interest rates which didn’t help to stop the mortgage fiasco. Because of the major defaults, banks, investment firms and markets decided to stop handing out money because of the major uncertainty, Freezing the markets and credit in the country would lead to little credit and money not going around in circulation as much, meaning businesses collapsed and lending from banks rarely happened during this period. But one of the last acts from the Bush administration which then was expanded by the Obama administration is the “T.A.R.P” the “The Troubled Asset Relief Program”. What the TARP did was that it gave $37.3 billion to banks, investment companies, insurance companies and many a such companies and organisations like that., saving many banks from bankruptcies, after the TARP was implemented banks were relieved of any financial responsibility so much in fact that some banks, namely AIG who was affected heavily by the GFC, still had made enough income to give executives bonuses that they had been given earlier. And so the because of the market crash and the freezing of credit in all markets, banks and investment firms the housing market crash, homelessness and unemployment became a rampant issue in the U.S. So to combat this the newly elected Obama administration authorised a major Stimulus package, taking notes from the great depression and how that was solved. (Here in Australia we got Rudd Cash to save us from the GFC!)
The GFC was mainly caused by the saying “Banks are too big to fail”, when America had an excess of foreign money in the country (notably from Asia, and even more interesting, it was China) It enabled bankers to hand out more credit than they can hand out, so more properties are being bought with credit and low quality and high-risk loans made by risky
investment firms foreign money in America. And when said credit was held up in the banks, along with the Government bailing out wall street to save global trade. Which was effective. However, more regulation was put on business. And because the GFC happened a new political and economic climate has arised, one of two spectrums and little in between. Socialism hybrid with Capitalism, and laissez-faire Capitalism. And really, the GFC is still happening, the repercussions haven’t truly left the world because the banks still are too big to fail, and another event like the GFC is bound to happen again in America, because of the ideology it was built upon and the way of which it is governed. And I strongly condemn the modern state of the United States even post GFC because nothing has changed, those who had caused this hardship for people still walk free, without penalty, Clinton, Bush and Obama can all be blamed for these happenings, and even still the two most likely American Candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump don’t want to further regulate the markets, Hillary even receiving money from the people who run big banks and Donald Trump being part of big business, will not regulate or further limit business practice. And this means that even after all we have talked about during the GFC and the economic repercussions of that period falls to deaf ears (Well, besides Bernie and Jill). So really the only people who are being affected by the “Banks too big to fail” ideology are the working class of the World, and they will still elect individuals who will let the businesses use dodgy methods to gain commodity. So to recap, The Global Financial was caused mostly by subprime mortgages, and because it is easy to gain commodity in both parties the banks and the investors. The big banks started giving the subprime mortgages to investors with the risk that the individual that took the loan may default. And default they did, (And they started living under Tarps). So because of the mass loss of money, the bank froze and stopped giving out money, and because of this businesses, individuals and the state stopped functioning spinning the world into a financial crisis. It was a Stimulus package that saved the U.S, however in some nations the effects of the GFC are still thriving. And because of this a new wave of socialism occurred and a new distrust for wall street and the big banks developed. And now a major platform for the world is to start reversing the banking ideology of the 1850s, and to start to regulate and control, to protect the citizenry, the banks and market must be reduced to slavery and serfdom to and for the population of a nation and not the other way around. And to end off the GFC piece, I wish to give you a quote from United States Secretary of Labor, The Honourable Robert Reich. “Any bank that is too big to fail, is too big. Failed”. No justice was given to the hundreds of thousands of people whom lost their jobs and commodities due to a failing in distributive powers, techno-babble of blame and unchecked happenings of banks and interest rates. To accommodate the greed and exploit the ignorance of the banking people we lose our faith in well, faith based economics and force the masses people to subscribe to a economic system not derived by them as a market entity but the elitism of the global banking system in place to simply confuse consumers into submission and use complicated terms to lead to prudent personal spending, freakonomics and liberal banking spending and subprime formal happenings of both investment rates and investment terms. The prompt of Justice not coming to those who deserve it is rooted within the system of hegemony that we all believe in. If we do not believe in the happenings of establishments that do not provide justice we can achieve a state of primitive moral rule. However, our society of market capitalism, checks, balances and even the state is based upon injustices of the general populace and global population. Justice does not come to those who deserve it because we choose to believe in systems that promote exploitation. We are not about to give up our cheap sweat-shop products to save kids in China, we aren’t going to stop benefitting off speculation from nameless corporation in the third world. Justice starts with us, and we don’t want justice.

The fallout game universe is based on an alternative reality that follows an alternative reality similar to that of Farnham’s Freehold by Robert A. Heinlein, it follows a similar storyline of alternative energy and the themes of hiding underground. The alternative history of fallout starts with collective mankind scientific plight of research from the automatic computing chips of the current timeline to the vacuum chip and nuclear energy changing the fundamental scientific achievements of modern man from computing to nuclear technology. Due to this fascination with nuclear technology the cold war just never stops and the culture of the 1950s never stops. This is the setting of the post-war fallout series. However, after years of unshackled resource consumption by the general populace the west and east must expand. The cold war activates into a full-fledged conflict between the powers of the Western Capitalist states and the People’s Republic of China. The escalation of the conflict occurred in October 23, 2077, after a 2-hour nuclear engagement between all the nuclear powers of the world left the Earth scorched, in shatters. The only life surviving is parasitic and adaptable plants and animals. However, whilst this seems like the end of the endeavour and philosophical occurrences of Humankind it was merely the beginning of the new chapter in the Human story. For people of importance were placed underground in vaults to be subject to a wide array of testing. Such as experiments of isolation, cryogenic freezing, torture, gassing, medical experiments and many other disturbing experiments harnessing the desperation of the general populace to make leaps into scientific research without the backlash of morality. (I shall give the premise of Human morality blocking advancement the name ‘vault philosophy’) 100 years after the devastation of the war many vaults started to open either by planned execution or by general uprise. These small bands of populations dotted the United States. Many populations founded small farming settlements and based themselves off the happenings of the old world founding democracies and others forming autocracies by rule of individuals and entities. However, the activity that had led to the predicament of the Fallout franchise that is inherent to the human condition did not cease… That activity being violence and expansionism. The year is 2281 in the outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada 204 years after the great war, the protagonist is a blank amnesia-ridden trope of a character that has just survived death. We experience the world through the eyes of an individual that like the reader is new to this world. Within this world three major factions grasp for control of the hydroelectric Hoover Dam. The New California republic base their system of governance off the pre-war vision of Democracy and bureaucracy, in contrast we see the autocratic and despotic Caesar’s legion which based its forms of society on Roman imperialism and punishment. Lastly, we see Mr.House a dictator who governs over the “New” Vegas strip and rules via free market mutualism and late feudalism. This creates a dichotomy between safety and ideological freedom. Whilst Caesar’s legion brutally punishes criminals and use hardcore deterrence methods against raiders and troublemakers within their territory it creates a beautiful system of stability at the cost of freedom and choice, however Justice is distributed at terrifying efficiency akin to that of a modern war machine. In contrast the New California Republic often ignore populations in trouble as it doesn’t fall under official jurisdiction or due to a lack of resources. This is a dichotomy that is prevalent in all systems of justice and government you have the establishment of security at the price of personal freedom and the prospect of exploitation and self-gain. You have either prudence, self-sacrifice and security or the appeal to the Human bias of self-interest, possibility of corruption and inefficiency. This is shown in the vaults where Human morality is ambiguous in the pursuit of science. Justice may not come to those within the vaults however, they are saved from a great unfortunate fate. Furthermore when the vaults open you see the establishment of lawlessness and two possible ways of governance based on our modern human sensibilities. The lack of justice of grand populations due to the greed of Humans using democracy and the market to exploit and gain power, and the harsh justice of the legion at the expense of the idea of freedom and ability for advancement within society.
In finality, a quote by the character perfectly describes the sentiment of what I’m trying to describe. “If you want to see the fate of democracies, just look out the window [To the smouldering world]” it shows that injustices stem from the foundation of human bureaucracy and morality of unchecked democracy and market-resource accumulation. The NCR representing the concept of democracy shows that injustices exist due to the systemic problems of human incompetency of democracy and the hopelessness of the market due to greed. And the only possible way that justice can be achieved is to give up our personal freedoms and/or to submit to an absolute hegemony and despotic figure and either way injustice would still exist as Humans are inherent to Man’s psyche. Therefore, the prompt is correct as justice as a concept is not a concept that coincides with the Human spirit of greed and exploitation.

This is my anecdotal paragraph feel free to skip it, it isn’t interesting it’s just me complaining about my life, I don’t particularly often like talking about myself. Makes me feel weird. However, you are one of the most intelligent people I have ever met and would like to open up a little bit about myself to you and some of my history to try and describe how ‘injustices’ affected me (like it affects every child) Justice do not come to the Children of the world, I feel as though (not to seem narcissistic or pretentious, I understand that I am one of the most privileged people in the world) some of my experiences do not offer me any justice. I’m needlessly opening up here but I’d like to give some snapshots of some of the injustices in my life and where my cynicism comes from. I was born to my Mother and Father in 2002 and lived a generally happy life, however, due to my father’s absence from my life I depended on my Mother for emotional and constant support which led to me developing separation anxiety which blocked me from leaving my Mother therefore I had to repeat Kindergarden, this was typical childhood stuff. Five months before my Parent’s divorce I found a man floating in the local lake, face down, as my father was stressed out and eager to get home he ignored me and I had to beg that he believe that a man was floating in the lake. I didn’t leave the house for weeks and even after that I couldn’t leave without my Mother. I eventually was able to move past it and go finish Kindergarden however my social skills were below par. I started school and failed to develop academically or socially due to my awkwardness, the teacher mandated I befriended a boy named Nicholas and whilst he and I became fast friends, after prep, I advanced to year one and according to my reports from the time, I was illiterate, couldn’t do math and couldn’t communicate to anyone without great difficulty. I was told that I would fail and that I wasn’t academically good enough to pass. However, I learnt the basics of literacy from a teacher named Carol West who didn’t give up on me and persistently would take me out of class to do a program for illiterate kids, which led me to my love of reading and literature (this skill would come in handy later). This is also when I developed an irritation for authority, as I stepped out of line to help a boy crying, in reaction I was handed a detention this was my turning point towards the recognition of authority, I vowed to accept authority and punishment, however, never inflict unto others injustices of judgement or bias. I turned to apathy where others turned to anger. When Nicolas moved away to the country it left me once again alone. However, this time I faced the prospect of finding new friends with my social skills gradually improved as Mum gave me more and more independence and allowed me to deal with my anxieties by myself as I developed mental mechanisms to achieve physical happiness (such as junk food and such) she simply didn’t have much time as she preoccupied with her boyfriends of the time period. (Many of the happenings of this time period which I do not want to get into left me confused in ways of biology, something I still have not got over and hope to God I never do. Human reproduction and sexual feelings are a great evil within society and history and those actions are that conducted by that of the disturbed.). It must be hard trying to date with two children. I met a Girl let us call her Jane. Jane’s family were poor due to drug and alcohol use and she was continuously moving from house to house relative to relative. I never knew what happened to Jane it made me feel hopeless seeing injustice towards this smart, kind-hearted girl just because her parents were scum meant that she lived in constant humility and scawler. However, once she left I started eating a lot and I started spending my time reading books in a small playground tunnel in a small curved spine position. This was the worse year of my life, my teacher was stupid, she found me pretentious as I would constantly point out flaws in logic yet never addressed the issue. She was vain and obsessed with her looks. I shall skip the years 4-6 as they were typical, I eventually made friends and I continued to gain weight. It is now I face my next challenge people are saying that my weight-loss has gotten to a level that is dominating my life and I now need to talk to school psychologists. They have concluded that my extreme workout and diet stems from a feeling of inferiority and a need for gratification from other people along with some sort of repressed shit. (I hope I don’t sound like one of these hipster Melbourne dwelling people who parade their mental problems around, however I probably do) I’m not sure why I opened up about all these snapshots about my psychological life, but I’m sure yours is much more interesting. The link is that the vast majority of children receive no justice in the experiences that they acquire. Children in the DRC see the system of market capitalism destroy the local resources. Justice doesn’t come to the vast majority of children, not because they don’t deserve justice but because harsh experiences are inherent to the human condition. Therefore, of course justice doesn’t come to the innocent because that is simply the reality of the world. Injustice of experience of bias of events out of your control is simply the happenings of the Human species. It is however, systems in place that can be altered that prey upon these experiences and fundamental bias that is the topic of major contention within this expository essay.

In finality, Justice is a system that does not work because of the innate greed of people and the value we place over the possibility of advancement of self-interest rather than the care of everyone else. Until we can place our faith into systems based off moral faith and discourse we will still have injustice within the world. The only way that justice can truely be achieved is to give up on Human nature, therefore, the prompt: Justice does not always come to those who deserve it. Is as much apart of the Human experience as breathing oxygen and is reflected everywhere from economics to video games 

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