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By now, in my writing. You may find that I seem to be a conservative fellow when it comes to social policy, however, a few years back my views would be held considered left-wing. And as narcissistic as this may sound I feel as though my views haven’t changed, the left as an entity has changed. The welfare state has created a levitation towards the degeneracy that is cultural marxism. If you hold such views, I do apologize for any harsh language. However, it seems that millennials hold views that modern Western Society should fundamentally disagree with, be that the extreme views of black lives matter and the feminist movement in which certain people claim for their gender or race to be superior. And we all go through at one stage or another a communist phase, then we turn 6. And we realize that in practice Communism just creates death. I believe why the third wave Social Justice movement popped into existence is the left’s focus on academia rather than practicality, and the way we bring up the children of this generation to be weak (we can see this in people not screaming at their kids anymore, or the restrictions on use of words in pre-school and primary school education). My point being that I know my bias definitely will show here. And that I really have no place in calling other ideologies degenerate because we really need to work on our compromise skills, for debate in the next coming years will be the “Social Justice Advocates” trying to de-platform the “regressive left” and the “regressive left” and right-wing screaming “cuck”. So in terms of philosophy and debate, we live in such enlightened and fascinating times. And the only political issue that matters to me is the issue of climate change and space exploration. Our Earth is slowly dying, we are destroying all our forests so that we can breed more cows for dinner, the cows are creating more methane than some countries and segments of people, not to mention our direct impact such as air, plastic and waste pollution. So we are destroying ecosystems with our pollution and we are slowly freezing ourselves and at this point, we have no way off this planet, still, people only want to talk about Trump and Hillary. Humanity… What a joke. Anyway, here’s Game of Thrones.

^ reading over that, makes me seem like a moody bloke. So here, have a picture that I drew in paint instead of doing homework.


Game of Thrones as a series is that it places the reader in the spot of an aristocrat and you openly know that they wage wars and abuse serfs. However, you empathize with the nobility and want them to succeed in their goals to control other human beings it is akin to the book “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov, to which you essentially empathize with a pedophile, but because he is narrating the book it gives us a warped perception of morality. I shall write three paragraphs explaining firstly giving an analysis of what Marxism is, it’s practice, origin and what it hopes to achieve, secondly I shall evaluate the Game of Thrones universe (Hehe. Khal Marx). Lastly, I shall compare all the references to Marxism in the Game of Thrones.

Karl Marx and Frederich Engels’ two most popular evaluations and theory books were “Das Kapital” and “Communist Manifesto” in which they delved into two major ideas first a conflict theory which stated that the proletariat (The worker’s of Germany and the world) were constantly in conflict with the aristocracy (And to defend Karl Marx, what he was stating is historically correct). And the theory promotes that a Jacobin revolution must arise to overthrow the central government and capitalist system. Secondly, in cohesion with the revolution establish a system to which the proletariat would acquire all profits that he/she makes, and that money and classes as institutions of man would dissolve and people would work for common materials and capital essential for life. No one man shall have drastically more or less than the common man. And whilst that is an extreme theory, for us to reform capitalism we must look further into his theory. He often talked about “entfremdung” or “alienation” in production where he thought that human nature is guided by the principles of physical production and that machines and production assemblies taking the job of the craftsmen lives worker’s unhappy and irritated for example, a table being made by a craftsman
is something physical that the craftsman may take pride in, however when it is mass-produced the worker feels useless and replaceable. Marx also saw a fundamental problem of capitalism (and really the transition of pre-industrial to post-industrial society) that being the foundation of monopolies, where workers are held to a certain scrutiny of a central business and cannot acquire any other work except for that of the monopolized business that encourages the abuse of the worker. (2) Marxism was a fundamental good, It is near useless today after the establishment of the welfare state and trust busts of the industrial world (3)
Game of Thrones is a fantasy novel series that takes place in a fictional world of three main continents that being Westeros, Essos, Sothoryos and the Summerset Isles (Which is a representative of the real life, Western Europe, the Balkans/Eastern Europe, Africa and India). Westeros being a land reminiscent of feudalist Britannia which creates a mode of production on serfdom and hegemony of the ruling class. Essos being a land of more centralized republics representing Italy and Albania. Further east being steppe nomads or “Khal hordes” which represents former Mongolia and the land of the Qazaq. And southeast being the slave states that being the Ottoman and Barbary slave states of the period. Sothoryos is a land that is scarcely visited by outlanders and has strange cultural rituals, representative of Africa and the Summerset Isles have a lucrative trade network akin to that of the Indian trading network. Game of Thrones also details the adventures of nobles of several houses which cement their power in liege-lords of various different fiefs and lesser houses. And of current, the Eight major houses are as follows: The Lannisters’ house of the West, The House of Bolton of the North, The house of Arryn to the East, The house of Martell to the South, The house of Baratheon, The house of Tyrell and the house of Greyjoy. And they all are different in wealth, governing styles and power, they all have the aspiration to place a member of their respective families on the Iron Throne which dictates some central power in the relatively decentralized and laissez-faire world. And of current, the faith militant has taken control of the de-facto capital city (that being King’s landing), Daenerys Targaryen has taken control of a former slave army, the kings are fighting over control of the throne and the Lord-Commander of the Night’s Watch “Jon Snow” is dead (which will become relevant later.)

Game of Thrones references Marxism as it is mocking the Human history and endeavor. The characters such as “The High Sparrow” and “Daenerys Targaryen” both promote the equality among classes, however, they come from positions of high birth (which may be a reference to how in modern society it is commonly accepted that change comes from the 1% rather than the masses of people). As I mentioned before with the “Lolita” reference Game of Thrones empathizes and creates a bond between the nobility and the reader, which I regard as the historic view and link between the common peasantry/serfs (viewer) and the Nobility (characters) throughout history. I may ramble on about the constant a reference to Human history, however, I wish to focus on three main principles which dominate three main time periods. Firstly, the war for the throne and Jon Snow’s death, the war for the throne represents the historic plight of the worker during the pre-industrial and early industrial period, where the peasants would join the constant struggle for king-making (profiteering) of the various Kings (Capitalists) even though they were apathetic to the cause they did it to make a living. A quote from the character Set Jorah Mormont “The common people pray for rain and health they don’t care what games the high lords play.” makes clear the author’s (George R.R Martin) opinion about the modern and historic climate of hierarchy. Also, the death of Jon Snow shows us the importance of birth in the pre-industrial period and gives us an insight of George’s opinion about how he feels that even today, injustices in birth exist. The second point is the High-Sparrow using his holy crusaders the “faith militancy” to secure an establishment of the division of power, this represents the period of time of mass Jacobin rebellions after the first world war. For after the devastating first world war (the war of the Five Kings) and the unfair treaty of Versailles people of poorer nations fought the government to push for the appeal of solidarity with the common folk (Spoilers: Oh and apparently in the T.V show Cersei became Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, which if you look at that in comparison to the German timeline, that being the post-war Jacobin Bavarian uprisings then the rise of Adolf Hitler, then you can make the obvious correlation). And finally, Daenerys Targaryen, she represents the 1930s-1960s that being the transformation to the welfare state (such as the new deal). She uses force to free slaves (social justice and better working conditions) to amass an army to retake the Seven Kingdoms. And whilst her intentions seem good and well natured under the shade of darkness and behind closed doors, she often talks about her selfish intentions to reclaim the seven kingdoms and reinstate her family. Which represents how during that period businesses use tactics such as employment aspects to achieve their goals but they would continuously try and dodge regulation and abuse workers and make the most profit.

In finality, we can make a definite connection between marxism and the transition from feudalism to industrialization. If I may try and predict the end of this tale following the timeline we have created Jon Snow will work hard and seize power (just as the powers birth no longer determine success). Deaneries will ultimately fail as the people will mutiny against her in exchange for another king (or employer). Finally, the small folk or brotherhood without banners will steadfastly gain more power ( the consumer will become the most important thing and the decision of the worker and consumer is valued).

My frivolous notes and opinions on the subject matters discussed above.
2). Marxism in academia sounds lovely in theory, however, as we can see in practice it led to breadlines, starvation, and gulags. Using scientific theory we can place Communism as an idyllic ideology that should never be tried again. However, that is where many fellow leftists would disagree. The theory of Contemporary Marxism confuses me, we live no longer in a serfdom class society, and while the society of present doesn’t follow the exact theorem of worker means of production, the status quo promotes state services and a welfare state for the lower classes. Why should we progress down further in the branch when we can see that the system of current promotes the best of both systems? I must admit that whilst I find the ideas of Marxism and Communism appealing (more so the former) I would never campaign nor promote communism in Australia. The system of current allows for even the most disadvantaged child to apply themselves use state services to get educated, use public roads to commute places and generally use state funds to gain equal footing to even the most privileged and affluent children. If that child applies oneself to areas of study and works hard in both academia and life, in general, it can near definitely earn a fantastic living for itself. And the taxes they pay repay the state and further funds the cycle of wealth. However, communism and Marxism instead of proposing an equality of opportunity the theory proposes equality of outcome which leads to mostly no innovation or goals for the populace to acquire wealth and land. That is why I believe Communism ignores both economic theory and human nature. (I just angered a bunch of La Trobe students)

3) That’s just one of my edgy, misguided teenage opinions. I have a lot of those apparently. My most edgy opinion is a plan to encourage 10 days to 182 days state service (in either military, policing (100+ days), administration (60+ days) or labour (30+ days) you would get paid handsomely for the time with good superannuation and in return you would be granted a great reward “the rights of the pure citizen” which entitles you to extra state income and/or lower taxes. What is your most edgy opinion, feel free to not answer

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